Kartavyam 2023

“Kartavyam” is the annual Conference of Vismaya.

The inaugural edition of Kartavyam is scheduled on Saturday, January 30.

There is no bigger sacrifice known to a man than to lay down one’s life in the defence of the nation. Our Martyrs and their families have made the ultimate sacrifice for us. It is, therefore, the “Kartavyam-Responsibility” of all other citizens of this country to come together and support the Martyr families.

Vismaya has been established to guide the children from Martyr families in reaching their optimum level of education and career and also play an important role in their overall development. Vismaya aspires to be a trustworthy mentoring platform that will help children from Martyr families in making right education and career choices.

The Vismaya Annual Conference would bring together key stakeholders from the Government, Business, Academics and Media along with other accomplished professionals and decision makers to deliberate on important issues and to design regular initiatives to develop the skills, knowledge, attitudes and connections among the children of Martyrs families need as they transit into their lives.

The inaugural Vismaya Annual Conference is designed to kick-start this mission through its interactive format that will offer the attendees an opportunity to have a diverse and well-informed discussion and help all of us contribute to our social responsibility towards the Martyr families.

Alone we can do limited things but together we can do so much! Join us in the Annual Conference.

Let’s be the change we want to see!




Organizing Committee