Equalified WealthTech Practitioner (EWP)- Cohort I

Program Dates: July 22, 2023 - August 27, 2023

Venue: Virtual

Fee: INR 11,800 (Inclusive of GST)

The program fee includes

- Live online sessions
- Instructor notes
- Self-paced assignments
- Discussion groups
- EWP Exam Fee (1 attempt)

The term WealthTech refers to the technologies that help personal and professional institutions manage finances. With the recent advancements in big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, software programs can now offer users personalized advice on wealth management.

With the rising adoption of digital platforms in India and a growing base of investors, the Indian WealthTech market has an opportunity to multiply in the next few years. This presents a huge opportunity for wealth advisors forward if they are able to upskill and adapt themselves to changing markets.

The Equalified WealthTech Practitioner (EWP) has been designed with an objective to groom wealth advisors with skills they need to future-proof their practices, understand the resources available to them, and learn how to identify the right technologies to save time, drive productivity, improve client interaction, and ultimately increase revenue.

This program is recommended for both professionals who are new to the wealth management industry as well as those looking to significantly increase the tech adoption in their practice.

By participating in EWP program, you will learn how to:

– Better leverage technology

– Retain clients

– Invest for the future

– Build stronger portfolios, and

– Revolutionize the future of wealth advisory

Session Date Day Time Topic
1 July 22 Saturday 10 am- 11.20 am Introduction to WealthTech

  • Technologies disrupting Wealth Management
  • FinTech Disruption Across the Wealth Management Value Chain
  • Embracing Technology
  • WealthTech Business
  • Challenges in the current wealth managers
  • Building WealthTech Applications
  • WealthTech Growth Drivers & strategies
2  July 22 Saturday 11.40 am- 1 pm Impact of technologies on various Wealth Management setup

  • WealthTech Tools and Technologies
  • Talk about 5 Key Layers of Wealth Management
  • WealthTech Use Cases
3  July 23 Sunday 10 am- 11.20 am Wealthtech enabling RM in client servicing

  • Why Digital Wealth Management is Becoming a Worldwide Market Standard
  • Challenges of Digitizing Wealth Management Advisory
  • Personalized Client Service and Social Selling in Wealth Management
  • Benefits of Gamification
  • Emerging Technologies That Are Changing Emerging Markets
  • Enriching the Client Experience in a Physical and Virtual World
4  July 23 Sunday 11.40 am- 1 pm Digitizing Wealth Management Operations

  • Digital Business Model for Wealth Management Operations
  • How a Digital Architecture Can Lead to Tangible Business Results
  • The Personalization Pillar
  • Digitizing Wealth Management
  • Survival of the Fittest – Cyber Resilience
5  July 29 Saturday 10 am- 11.20 am Digital Platforms, Products and Ecosystems

  • Wealth Management-as-a-Platform – The New Business Architecture
  • How to Digitalize Wealth Management at Banks
  • Key Success Factors in Gaining Market Share
  • Personal Financial Intelligence – AI and the Future of Money Management
  • Financial Forecasting and Portfolio Optimization in the 21st Century
  • Fiduciary Robo-Selection
6 July 29 Saturday 11.40 am- 1 pm Blockchain Applications in Asset and Wealth Management

  • Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
  • How Blockchain Drives Innovation in Asset Management
  • Use Cases and Monetization Challenges of Blockchain Applications in Wealth Management
  • Blockchain as a Backbone to Asset and Wealth Creation
  • Dreaming of a Ledger-Free, Globally Connected Wealth Management Industry
  • Trust Arbitrage and the Future of the Wealth Manager – How Blockchain Innovations Can Crack the Code
  • Investment and Issuance Distributed in Blockchain
7 July 30 Sunday 10 am- 11.20 am Founders’ Success Stories

  • Founders of Wealth Management who made it big with Tech
8 July 30 Sunday 11.40 am- 1 pm Enterprise Innovation

  • Empowering Banks and Asset Managers
  • Leveraging Corporate Innovation
9 August 5 Saturday 10 am- 11.20 am Global Overview of WealthTech

  • Future of WealthTech in India
  • WealthTech in Rest of the World
  • Unlocking Benefits of WealthTech
10 August 5 Saturday 11.40 am- 1 pm What is the Future of WealthTech?

  • The Networked Client
  • Empowering Asset Owners and the Buy Side
  • An Industry Driven by Digital, Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • WealthTech – Taking Private Banking and Wealth Management Digital 257
  • The Wealth Management Canvas – A Framework for Designing the WealthTech Firm of the Future
  • Cognitive Decision-Making with “Insights-as-a-Service”
Practicals August 6-25 Candidates to get exclusive access to a wealthtech platform that brings together front, middle and back-office wealth technology solutions to meet the wealth management needs of today.
Exam August 26-27 2-hour multiple choice exam with negative marking conducted on a remote-proctored platform. Candidates can appear for the exam from anywhere and anytime during these 2 days.

To be announced