India’s Best Finance Teachers 2022

“If Finance is the life blood for every business, then for an economy a Good FinanceTeacher is next only to God.”

This is an apt description for all those finance teachers who will feature in Equalifi’s “India’s Best Finance Teachers 2022” List.

For a subject as important as “Finance”, we need teachers who have an intellectual curiosity fueled by tremendous passion. Teachers who don’t only teach and mentor future finance leaders, but who also regularly deliver cutting-edge research.

This List is an ode to all those wonderful finance teachers who continue to shape the present and the future of our country.

This annual list will identify the best Finance Teachers in India from the following categories:

1) Under-Graduate Colleges- Full Time or Part Time Faculty Members from Finance/ Commerce/ Economics streams

2) MBA/ Post-Graduate Colleges- Full Time/ Part Time Faculty Members from Finance/ Commerce/ Economics streams

3) Independent Finance Trainers

4) Full-Time Learning & Development Professionals working in Financial Institutions

5) Coaching Institutes/ Exam Preparation Companies- Full Time/Part Time Finance Faculty Members

6) Finance Education Innovators

7) Writers/ Authors/ Bloggers in Finance

8) Financial Literacy Influencers

Nomination Deadline- October 15

Post nomination, nominees will receive a questionnaire which they need to answer and submit via email before October 15.