Indian Financial Services HR Thought Leaders 2024

Equalifi’s inaugural Indian Financial Services HR Thought Leaders 2024 awards recognize exemplary individuals who have significantly influenced human resources practices within India's financial services sector. These awards celebrate leaders who have demonstrated outstanding innovation, strategic vision, and transformative impact in shaping HR strategies and fostering a positive workplace culture. Nominees are distinguished by their ability to attract and retain top talent, implement progressive employee development programs, and navigate organizational challenges with resilience and foresight. By setting new benchmarks in HR excellence, these thought leaders inspire their peers and contribute to the overall growth and success of their organizations in a rapidly evolving industry landscape.

About the 2024 Campaign:

Nominations to Equalifi’s Indian Financial Services HR Thought Leaders 2024 campaign are open for:

a) Equalifi's Individual Members working in the HR department in a financial services organization.

b) HR professionals working with Equalifi's Corporate Member Companies.

c) Other HR professionals (working in financial services) nominated by Equalifi's Corporate/ Charter Members.

The nominees for the Indian Financial Services HR Thought Leaders 2024 awards encompass a diverse group of influential professionals who have made significant contributions to human resources within the financial services sector in India. These nominees exemplify excellence in fostering a supportive and productive organizational culture, addressing emerging HR challenges with creativity and resilience. Their dedication to advancing HR practices sets a benchmark for the industry, demonstrating their profound impact on shaping the future of work within financial services

We are looking for the best and brightest from the financial services HR community. If you know someone who is well-rounded, has been contributing to this domain and meets the nomination criteria, we invite you to nominate.

Nomination Process

The nomination process is inclusive and ensures fair treatment of every nominee. One can nominate himself/herself, or be nominated by another individual or company. Nominations are open to all three categories of professionals mentioned above.

Evaluation Process
The evaluation process is crafted to guarantee that nominees are assessed based on their achievements, reputation, leadership skills, and ambition to further succeed in this domain.

– Accomplishment (Success in profession)
– Contribution (Promotion of the profession, pro-bono work, etc.)
– Leadership (Within a company, The industry, etc.)
– Promise (Passion, Enthusiasm, Ideas, etc.)

Slection Criteria
Nominees are evaluated according to the following criteria:
– Career progress, past job positions, and business accomplishments
– Level of management of nominee’s position within the organizational structure
– Number of personal and/or corporate local, national, regional or international awards and other recognition
– Inspiring personal story on the road to success
– Level of innovation, creativity, and other intrapreneurial skills in conducting business practices
– Personal image/reputation within the financial services community

Contact: If you have any questions, please write to Equalifi Team on

Nomination Process & Deadline:

Nomination for the 2024 edition will be open from July 3 – August 31, 2024.

Step 1) Candidates need to fill up the nomination form.

Step 2) Once nomination is received, the Equalifi Team will share a detailed questionnaire with every nominee. The nominee needs to submit this questionnaire and a video by August 10.