Conference Sessions

IFAIS 2023 | Alpha Opportunities with Alternatives & Various Fund Structures
IFAIS 2023 | Alternative investments in Public Equity-Market Views, Investment Theme & Opportunities
IFAIS 2023 | Rising Trend in Fund Administration & Outsourcing Opportunities
IFAIS 2023 | The New Normal For Fund Admin – GIFT City – One Stop Shop For All The Fund Admin Needs
IFAIS 2023 | Changing face of Fund Administration using Technology & Digital Transformation
IFAIS 2023 | Fund Administrator’s role in meeting Asset Manager, Investor & Distributor Expectations
IFAIS 2023 | Best Practices Fund Administration, Regulatory & Tax Compliance
IAIS 2023 | Role of Custodian in Setting up & Managing an AIF
IAIS 2023 | Role of Registrar & Transfer Agent in Setting up & Managing an AIF
IAIS 2023 | Role of a Professional Services Firm in Setting & Managing an AIF
IAIS 2023 | Role of Fund Administrator in Setting up & Managing an AIF
IAIS 2023 | Emerging AIF Investment Managers Cohort II
IAIS 2023 | Web3 – The India Imperative
IAIS 2023 | Best Practices in Sourcing Opportunities & Due Diligence in Today’s Market
IAIS 2023 | Real Estate & Real Asset Investing: Building and Rebalancing Your Portfolio
IAIS 2023 | Private Credit, Debt and Direct Lending: Where Can Investors Find Yield?
IAIS 2023 | CAT III Funds and the Rebirth of Active Fund Management
IAIS 2023 | Fund Ecosystem in GIFT IFSC
IAIS 2023 | Private Equity and Venture Capital Investing Outlook
IAIS 2023 | The New Era of Alternative Investment Funds
Showcase- InCred Credit Opportunities Fund I- Incred Alternatives
Platform Showcase Singapore Exchange IPI22
Opening Remarks Fixed Income Investment Innovation IPI22
Product Showcase Consistent Compounders PMS
Product Showcase InCred Healthcare Portfolio
Showcase Strata
Opening Remarks AIF & PMS Innovation Segment
Opening Remarks Off Shore Investment Segment IPI22
Innovation in AIF & PMS What’s Next IPI22
Innovation in Insurance Investment Products What’s Next
NPS A Nex Gen Product
Product Showcase Axis New Gen India Fund I IPI22
Showcase Structured Product Offering Edelweiss Wealth Management
Innovation in Real Estate Investments What’s Next
Platform Showcase FinIQ
Opening Remarks Structured Products Innovation
Product Showcase Omni US & Omni AIoT US Omniscience Capital
Showcase RealX
Masterclass Financialization of Real Estate
Product Showcase IIFL Phoenix PMS
Showcase Earnnest me
K Fin Technologies Session | Emerging AIF Investment Managers Cohort
Ascent Session | Emerging AIF Investment Managers Cohort
FinIQ Session | Emerging AIF Investment Managers Cohort
Deloitte Session | Emerging AIF Investment Managers Cohort
Keynote Session | Emerging AIF Investment Managers Cohort
Edelweiss Session | Emerging AIF Investment Managers Cohort
Basiz Session | Emerging AIF Investment Managers Cohort
Centelon Session | Emerging AIF Investment Managers Cohort
CAMS Session | Emerging AIF Investment Managers Cohort
Amicorp Session | Emerging AIF Investment Managers Cohort
Multi-Asset Investing: Diversifying Portfolios amid Global Uncertainty | IFOS 2022
Family Office Trustee Services Showcase- Amicorp | IFOS 2022
Wealth Management Technology Showcase- FinIQ | IFOS 2022
What I Learnt while Working with the Rich & Famous | IFOS 2022
Global Equity Investing Platform Showcase- SGX | IFOS 2022
Revamping Wealth Management through Digitalization | IFOS 2022
Navigating Web 3.0 | IFOS 2022

ICUL Presentation – Structuring of AIFs

What Men Can Learn from Women in Family Businesses | IFOS 2022
Masterclass: Alternative Investments: How to find stable, non-correlated returns | IFOS22
Panel Discussion: The structural shake-up of Indian Family Offices | IFOS 2022
Leadership Lessons from Family Businesses | IFOS22
Opening Remarks from the Conference Chairman | IFOS22
Cryptocurrency and Digital Tokens – What’s in Store?
Credit Investing in Changing Economic Landscape
ESG and impactful investment strategies
Fund of Funds- Risk adjusted Gateway to Private Markets
Investing into Healthcare Innovations
Trends in Quantitative Investment
Investing in Late Stage Tech Opportunities
Investment Opportunities in Agriculture and Food Systems
Passive and Rule Based Investing
Fund formation masterclass
Opening Remarks
Finding Alpha: Non-Correlated & Niche Fund Strategies & Sectors
Disruptions in Venture Capital industry
PE/VC Exits-Key Trends
Macro Outlook and Future of Alternative Investment
Welcome Address
Venture Capital investments in Indo US corridor
Investing in Healthcare Realestate for Rental Yield
Fitment of Global Products in Investor Portfolios
Investing in Global Startups using SAFE Notes
How Technology is Facilitating Global Investments
IAIS21- Performing Credit
IAIS21- Due Diligence of Alternative Investment Funds
IAIS21- Opportunities in Real Estate Private Equity
IAIS21- Portfolio Creation with AIFs
IAIS21- How to Construct an Equity Portfolio
IAIS21- Startup Investing in a Post Covid World
IAIS21- Venture Capital Fund
IAIS21- Opening Address
IAIS21- The Role AIF Industry Can Play in Creating a $ 5 Trillion Economy
IAIS21- IAAIF Advocacy Session Recommendations by the AIF Industry
IAIS21- Changing Global Macro Landscape and it’s Impact on Indian AIFs
IAIS21- Behavioral Alpha in AIFs
IAIS21- AIF Registration & Structuring Challenges
IAIS21- Distribution Network for Alternative Investment Funds
IFOS21 – Masterclass – Change in Long Term Investment Philosophy of Family Offices post Covid19
IFOS21- Masterclass – Family Offices: Creating a Governance and Investment Platform For A Family
IFOS21- Masterclass – The Role of Family Office & Reasons for Setting Up a Family Office
IFOS21-Can Family Offices Serve a Larger Function in the Family Enterprise
IFOS21- Technology Trends in Family Offices
IFOS21 Adapting Family Governance to Indian Context
IFOS21 The role that FOs can play in the startup ecosystem
IFOS21 Applying The Rule of Law in Family Governance
IFOS21 Evolving from Family Businesses to Business Families
IFOS21 The top 12 Family Enterprise and Family Office trends in 2021
IFOS21 Setting up a Family Health Office
IFOS21 Family Strategies for 2021 and beyond The Australia & New Zealand Perspective
IFOS21-Learning from the Wisdom of 100-year Family Enterprises
IFOS21-When Who & How to start a Family Office? Examples of Israel
Fireside Chat With Holdun Family Office
Felicitation Ceremony- “40 under 40- Alternative Investment Professionals in India- 2020”
Fireside Chat with Mr. Mohandas Pai
The Next Frontier for Indian Alternative Investments