Corporate Membership

Equalifi (erstwhile AIWMI) is a global membership network of financial services organizations & professionals.
Equalifi Corporate Membership is meant for various organizations working in and with the financial services sector. The objective of Corporate Membership is to form an advocacy and representative voice for the various stakeholders of the financial services industry.
Equalifi's expanding network of national and international chapters and strategic partners offers the Corporate Members with an opportunity to develop business relationships with potential clients and partners. The Corporate Memberships provide the opportunity for institutions and their employees to connect and advance their focused area of practice. They aim to benefit the practitioner, their area of specialization, the clients they serve, and the industry at large.
The corporate membership also provides multiple benefits to employees of corporate members including opportunities to earn professional designations; to participate in multidisciplinary knowledge initiatives, enable networking at conferences; and offer one single platform for interaction, cross-pollination of ideas and collaboration.

Key Benefits of Equalifi Corporate Membership

  • Thought Leadership- Establish your organization as a leader in financial services through priority engagement with Equalifi’s national and international initiatives.
  • Education – Benefit your employees through cutting-edge education programs, masterclasses, executive education programs, conferences and other knowledge & research Initiatives of Equalifi Academy
  • Advocacy & Representation- Give strength to your voice and opinion when you reach out on policy issues to the decision-makers as a part of industry’s representative body.
  • Talent Management Support- Find highly qualified employees at a fraction of the cost.
  • Networking- Meet the best organization and employees from India and overseas for potential business and collaborations.
  • Investor Awareness Initiatives- Benefit from unique engagement initiatives from different client segments including HNW clients, UHNW families and Single Family Offices.
  • International Delegations- Reach out to the best global institutions, participate in exciting learning and networking activities across the world.
  • Public Relations- Raise the profile of your company’s activities.