Hedge Funds- Curbing the Volatility
Challenges & Promises of Investing in US Equities
Global Multi-Class Investing
Global Commodities Arbitrage
Credit Funds
Fitment of AIFs in a Client Portfolio
Fund Governance & Decision Making Process
Practitioner’s Session- Venture Debt (Mr. Punit Shah)
Practitioner’s Session- Investment in Matured PE/ Pre-IPO ( Mr. PRashastha Seth)
Session 4- Investments in matured PE / Pre IPO ( Mr. Prashastha Seth)
Session 3- Real Estate PE / REITS (Mr. Vishal Goel)
Session 2- Indian Equities – Long term prospects ( Mr. Vikas Khemani)
Session1 – VC Landscape in India (Mr. Anil Joshi)