Earnnest.me wins the "Proptech Startup of the Year" Award

The award highlights how Earnnest.me is disrupting the way real estate sector accesses capital. The fundamental problem being addressed is to bridge the ~US$100Bn capital gap that faces the real estate sector.

EARNNEST.ME is a senior secured debt investing platform that offers institutionally diligenced, fixed-income products yielding 14-16% return. These investments are primarily secured through real estate assets or projects. Launched in 2022 by Certus Capital, EARNNEST.ME offers full transparency about the investment and underlying projects. Sincestarting in 2018, Certus Capital has advised leading global institutions on INR 8,000+ crores of real estate investments in India. EARNNEST.ME democratized this expertise for personal investments. The team holds 5-10% in each investment offered through the platform, thereby being aligned with the investors. As a result of this expertise, transparency, and alignment, EARNNEST.ME has witnessed ~66% repeat investor rate across 500+ investment transactions.

The Realty+ Awards are designed to felicitate the top performers in Indian Real Estate and inspire and engage a larger, more inclusive audience spanning across various stakeholders of the real estate industry as well as investors.

The winners in each category were announced on 19 th Oct, 2023 at an awards ceremony in Mumbai. Earnnest.me's award was collected by the founder, Ashish Khandelia along with other team members Teena Gandhi and Gaurav Bhalla.

Earnnest.me's success in the awards can be attributed to the conviction, dedication & unwavering commitment to create a completely new and disruptive capital channel for the real estate industry.

Commenting on the award, Ashish Khandelia, Founder, Certus Capital | Earnnest.me said

"We are elated to share this victory with all our investors and partners and are humbled by the support and confidence bestowed upon us in this pursuit. Team Earnnest is further encouraged to continue its journey of democratizing access to institutional quality fixed-income opportunities, while creating an alternate debt channel for the capital-intensive real estate sector."