Sumit Chanda, Founder- Jarvis Invest shares his journey as a fintech founder

What is the story behind your company?

After spending nearly 15 years in the BFSI domain, I realized that the investment ecosystem is still running with the traditional approach of investment management. However, with the advent of technology and the availability of vast amount of data, there is a lot that can be achieved to stay ahead in the markets in the domain of equity research and fund management. We at Jarvis, have been using various neural network models to bring out this disruption in the investment ecosystem. Our systems have been trained on various time periods and have been dynamically consuming live market and environment data over the last 4 years now. Today, the technology at Jarvis can practically create any investment product or address any solution to the financial services industry engaged in the equity markets.

What is the need you are trying to address?

The current financial investment ecosystem can be primarily segmented into brokers, fund houses, wealth management companies, and banks. These companies are trying to actively address customer retention issues, generate perpetual alpha for their clients, extend the universe of research, and deploy limited research strategies since most of it is human-led. This is where Jarvis actively engages with these financial institutions to address these issues and provide a solution. We have been managing the entire band of clientele right from the retail investors to the distribution community in the country to the financial services institution catering 2 all segments of customers. Our solutions are bringing in a high amount of efficiency in the processes, reducing costs, and building digital trails for proper accountability. These solutions eventually impact the overall top line for the financial institutions positively.

What’s your educational background? How did you get into Fintech?

I have completed my management degree in finance along with being a Certified Financial PlannerCM and a host of other certifications. Back in 2009, I tried my hands at digitizing the wealth management ecosystem but I failed miserably since I wasn’t having a technology background. Between 2011 to 2015, I enrolled myself for Python followed by machine learning & deep learning and eventually adopting to artificial intelligence which helped me build the first version of Jarvis using advanced models of artificial intelligence completely by myself by the end of 2017.

What does "success" mean to you and the company?

The whole objective of building Jarvis is to revolutionize the way investment management and fund management are being looked at. I believe a lot of efficiency is currently getting missed out in the human lead approach. However, an artificial intelligence-based process managed by humans would bring out a lot more efficient system globally. Our definition of success will be achieved the day we see our technologies are being used for augmenting the existing research processes or building robust solutions to address complex market-based problems.

Where do you see the company in 5 years?

We are now in the process of integrating with all the major stock exchanges across the world. Currently we are present in India UAE and Australia with our product offerings to the financial institutions. We will be also opening shop in the US, UK, Singapore and Japan in the next 24 months. In the next 5 years we would look up to engaging with various large finance conglomerates across the world insertion capacities with integration of Jarvis. Meanwhile, in the subsequent years we will also be building products on other asset classes like fixed income, cryptos, etc. using artificial intelligence and creating various use cases around the same.

What do you love the most about your team?

As the head of the organization, I firmly believe that team appreciation and healthy competitiveness are fundamental pillars for driving our company's growth and success. I believe our team members demonstrates a strong sense of loyalty, dedication, and motivation towards the common vision. Our joint achievements not only boosts their morale but also fosters a positive and inclusive work culture, where every individual feels valued and respected. We maintain an encouraging and have competitiveness among our team members which helps them create a high-performance environment. We foster a spirit of friendly competition and inspire our team mates to continuously improve their skills and strive for excellence. This competitiveness not only drives individual growth but also elevates the overall performance of the entire team. We are fortunate to have a dynamic and motivated workforce that is always ready to push boundaries and overcome challenges together. As the head of the company, I am committed to nurturing this culture, as it fuels our collective success and propels us towards even greater accomplishments in the future.

If you had to give a piece of advice to someone planning a startup what would it be?

Starting a new startup is an exhilarating and demanding endeavor. To ensure success, it is crucial to identify a genuine problem that your startup can solve and develop a strong business plan outlining your goals and strategies. Surround yourself with a capable and dedicated team, and adopt the MVP approach to gather feedback and refine your product. Listen closely to your customers, as their insights are invaluable for improvement. Implement a robust marketing strategy, monitor your finances carefully, and be adaptable to the ever-changing business landscape. Network with fellow entrepreneurs and prioritize customer service to build lasting relationships. Stay compliant with relevant regulations and maintain resilience in the face of challenges. With dedication and perseverance, the right startup can thrive in the competitive market.