Indian Alternative Investment Thought Leaders 2024

The inaugural edition of the Indian Alternative Investment Thought Leaders 2024 is an effort to celebrate outstanding leaders from the Indian Alternative Investments landscape. This initiative is designed to cast a light on the individuals working in the Alternative Investments industry who have played a part in shaping this dynamic and inimitable industry. The alternative investment has significantly grown over the past few years and behind this growth and success, are the leading lights whose innovation, dedication and inventive ways has delivered some award-worthy results. These awards seek nomination from all those professionals who are contributing to the alternative investments and whose hard work and professionalism is allowing for the development and evolution of the Indian alternative investments sector.

If you believe you, or someone you know, would be a suitable nomination to be recognized among the Indian Alternative Investment Thought Leaders 2024, follow the links below the cast your nomination and enter for the chance to not only win an award but also showcase your success with us.

Nomination Category (Professionals working with Alternative Investment Companies/ Platforms)

  1. Founder/ Chief Executive Officer
  2. Head- Business Development
  3. Head- Legal & Compliance
  4. Head- Digital & Technology
  5. Head- Operations
  6. Head- Marketing
  7. Head- Products
  8. Thought Leader- Regulator Advocacy
  9. Social Impact Leader
  10. Thought Leader- Industry Initiatives


The award nominations are open to

a) Equalifi's Individual Members

b) Professionals working with Equalifi's Corporate Member Companies

c) Professionals (non-members) nominated by Equalifi Members

Selection Methodology


Entry can be through self or third-party nominations.

Entries made via our website are anonymous, secure and details are not shared with third party organizations.

There is no cost associated with any part of accepting a nomination or receiving an award and entries can withdraw at any time.


All nominees are assessed on the following 2 parameters:

1) Merit- The overall professional track record and evidence of recent accomplishments to convince our in-house research team that a nominee is worthy. We use a combination of primary and secondary research techniques to acquire both qualitative and quantitative data depending on its relevance to the program. In addition to our research, we invite nominees to submit substantiating evidence. By providing this evidence nominees gain the opportunity to submit information that may not be found in the public domain or on the nominees’ website; therefore, this can form an important part of the entry process. A formal document is produced by us, the publisher, to collate this information; however, our research team accepts filetypes in most common formats.

2) Number of Nominations- The value of endorsement by industry peers and competitors is unmatched. Nominees who are respected in public and envied in private are the ones we are looking for. The total number of nominations received by an individual is a pivotal factor in this campaign.


All Winners of the 2024 campaign will be felicitated during Equalifi’s 11th Indian Alternative Investments Summit 2024 in Mumbai on January 18.

The campaign results will also be extensively promoted through a special report, Equalifi’s social media channels and various media partners of Equalifi.

Nomination Deadline

January 10, 2024