City Partners

Pune Office

Ms. Reena Prakash Somaiya

Contact No.:+91 94031 05101
Address.: 102, Sunset Avenue, Opp. Murkute Garden, Pan Card Club Road, Baner, Pune - 410045

Reena is a founder of OneMoment Consultancy LLP. OneMoment aims to spread awareness on the importance of Personal Finance and helping Individuals, Startups and SME manage their finances better.

As an Equalifi City Partner for Pune, Reena will be responsible for all certifications, events and initiatives of Equalifi in the Pune region.

Reena is a Doctor by qualification. In early 2009 she realized that Financial Health of Individuals is equally if not less important than Physical Health. This extremely crucial part of well being is generally ignored by many. Ever since Reena has been closely working with individuals to help them plan their personal finances better.

Over the past few years Reena have also engaged with Startups and SME to help them safeguard their organization and staff against any unforeseen events.